I am pregnant, can i use Gloup?

Gloup is made of food based ingredients used often and safe in the food industry. However; There are insufficient data to establish the safety of Gloup for use during pregnancy or breast- feeding.

I have to take my medication on an empty stomach. Can i use Gloup?

Gloup exists of 85% water and is therefore the best alternative is water is not an option.

Should I drink water after the intake with Gloup?

If you do not suffer from dysphagia, and you are still allowed to drink water, you could take a glass of water after the intake with Gloup if this is recommended in the IFU of the medication. However, it is not necesarry. If you have dysphagia, please decide whether it is possible based on your personal situation. Always ask your speech therapist her opinion about the right consistency. Please keep in mind that taking thickened water right after the intake with Gloup can have a serious impact on the absorption of the medication. We would recommend not doing that.

When not to use Gloup?

Gloup cannot be used if a person cannot swallow independently anymore.

Gloup cannot be used for liquid and effervescent medication.

What is the maximum dosage of Gloup?

Normally you use 5 ml per intake. With this amount the intake of the medication is made much easier. If needed you can use a bit more. The medication can be taken in multiple doses as well. The intake of extreme high volumes of Gloup can only lead to mild health issues. This would be flatulence and diarrhea.

Can I use Gloup in case of severe dysphagia?

Always ask your speech therapist which version of Gloup would be most suitable in your case. There are IDDSI Level 3 and IDDSI Level 4 products available. There is always a version of Gloup available that suits your personal needs.

Can I take multiple pills at once with Gloup?

With Gloup you can definately take multiple pills at once. Exception is pills that have a negative impact on the other, or cannot be taken together for another reason. if you have any doubt, always ask your pharmacist whether your medication can be taken at once.

How to use Gloup?
  • Put medication on a spoon.
  • Put enough Gloup on top to cover the entire pill.
  • Swallow the entire thing at once.
  • Do you use Gloup for the first time? Try first without pills, so you can get used to the taste and texture.
Can I use Gloup with liquid medication?

If you are not suffering from dysphagia, it would be possible. In case of no dysphagia the thickness of the product is not essential, as you can swallow thinner products safely. By adding a liquid, Gloup will become a bit thinner. Gloup will now mask the bad flavor of the medication. In case of dysphagia, using Gloup with liquid medication is not allowed.