Stop using food for the intake of medication!

Why would food be a problem in combination with various medication? Because it has an impact on the efficacy of the medication. Let's take paracetamol (or acetaminophen): If you take this with yoghurt, you will lose a staggering 60% of active ingredient! Or what to think of taking your beta blocker with orange juice or apple sauce? An even worse loss of 80% active ingredient! This means a massive underdose. Various recent studies show these results, but it is still an underexposed problem. Gloup is a simple solution that does not impact the medication, so you are guaranteed to get the right dosage. Gloup is evidence based and a registered medical device class 1.
Gloup Product Range
jongetje met pil op zijn tong en open mond
charismatische oude man laat paracetamol zien tussen duim en wijsvinger
vrouw kijkt naar grote pil met glas water in haar hand
Man met leesbril in de apotheek leest verpakking van pot pillen
About Gloup

Gloup makes your life easier!

One out of four people has trouble swallowing medication. Gloup is a purpose-designed medication swallowing gel to make the intake of oral medication like tablets, capsules and pills a lot easier. It is suitable for everyone who can swallow indepently from the age of two.

Gloup forms a layer around the pill and very slippery so it slides down to the stomach very easily. Gloup quickly  breaks down in the stomach so the medication can do what it needs to do, so there is no interaction with the medication. Gloup is safe for everyone and every medication.