Gloup for kids

With Gloup the intake is easy and it even tastes great!

Children often have difficulties with swallowing their medication with water. The size of that antibiotic, the bitter flavor of that painkiller or the smell of that small pill. All challenges for kids to actually swallow those pills. And for the parents it is often a battle to get the medication inside.

This is why we created Gloup, it will help your child to take medication. Gloup can be used from the age of 2, by anyone who can still swallow independently. Because Gloup covers the bad taste, covers the pill and slides down easily, it will no longer be a hard pill to swallow for your child.

Perhaps until now you used food to administer your childs medication. Problem is that the use of food can lead to interactions that you are not even aware of. This has a negative impact on the actual dosage. Now that Gloup is on the market, this is your safest option apart from water. As Gloup breaks down quickly in the stomach, the medication is available for the body to be absorbed like it is intended.

jongetje met pil op zijn tong en open mond
charismatische oude man laat paracetamol zien tussen duim en wijsvinger
vrouw kijkt naar grote pil met glas water in haar hand
SuperGloupy to the rescue!
SuperGloupy mascot

SuperGloupy makes swallowing pills easy!

We have created a little booklet, especially for kids that are in the hospital. This booklet eaxplains about taking pills, and SuperGloupy will come to the rescue, to make it a lot easier!

This booklet is available in Dutch only at this moment.

Should you be interested in a booklet in your language, please let us know, and we’ll try to help you out.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I use Gloup with liquid medication?

If you are not suffering from dysphagia, it would be possible. In case of no dysphagia the thickness of the product is not essential, as you can swallow thinner products safely. By adding a liquid, Gloup will become a bit thinner. Gloup will now mask the bad flavor of the medication. In case of dysphagia, using Gloup with liquid medication is not allowed.

From what age can you use Gloup?

Gloup can be used from the age of 2 and up. Between the age of 2 and 6, we recommend to use a maximum amount of 3 times a day, as the intake of all ingredients stay well below any amount of ‘Daily intake advised’.