The inventor of Gloup experienced that people were struggling daily with the intake of medication as a home care nurse. He decided that there should be a better, safer and easier way for this. This is when he came up with the idea of the worlds first medication swallowing gel.The initial development was done in cooperation with a Parisian University. After that, he found his business partners in the Netherlands, and that leads to the develpment of Rushwood B.V.

Rushwood B.V. is Gloup medication swallowing gel, because this product has 100% of our attention daily. this results in a lot of knowledge of the product and formulation, with a big focus on quality and safety of the product for users. R&D is an essential part of our company, where we work on continous improvement and market development with heart and soul. We focus on market development by providing healthcare institutions and workers with clinical education about medication safety in general and the use of medication swallowing gel within these institutions.

Gloup is a patented formulation and it is patented with a reason. Gloup is the only scientifically proven medication swallowing gel available on the market worldwide. Because of our formulation is patented, we can guarantee consistencies and explain why Gloup has no impact on your medication.

Managing Director

Ron Bruijns

Ron Bruijns has been involved with the development of Rushwood and Gloup since the beginning. Since 2013 he is working on getting Rushwood up and running as a professional company with a continuous focus on liability, quality and professionalism. Being a chemist is a valuable addition to the company, as he has a huge knowledge on the do’s and dont’s for formulations like Gloup.

Operational Director

Chantal Bout

Chantal Bout is responsible for all sales and marketing worldwide for Rushwood. She visits all business partners worldwide and offers them constant updates of knowledge.
Chantal worked in cardiothoracic surgery in the OR for years, and was a practical educator in a university hospital as well. She even cooperated on writing a book on cardiothoracic surgery, which was published by Elsevier. She combines this knowledge with the knowledge she gained working in the medical industry for 15 years now. Chantal always puts the patient and healthcare worker first, and solutions are created with the clinical practice in mind.
Project Manager

Vivienne de Jong

Vivienne de Jong is project manager after she worked as our account manager and product specialist for Dutch healthcare institutions to set up the Dutch market. For years she worked in the medical industry, where she gained her knowledge on creating clinical education for healthcare workers.
Rober Hoefman

Account manager

Robert Hoefman is our account manager and product specialist for Dutch healthcare institutions.  Having him in a medical centre and working with nurses and other workers provides a huge benefit, as he takes time to really explain why a product like Gloup is essential. Nurses love seeing Robert on their department!

Quality & regulatory officer

Lenore van de Rijt

Lenore van de Rijt is our quality & regulatory officer at Rushwood. She has a lot of experience in the area of QA/quality and regulatory affairs in various inductries like cosmetics, chemicals and medical devices.

She focuses mainly on executing, maintaining and continously improving our quality managemant system (QMS). She is also involved in applying  various regulations and keeping them compliant as well as keeping all Rushwood products up-to-date on the various market worldwide.

Office manager

Pam Benink

Pam is our office manager at Rushwood and she is responsible for the backoffice, from order processing to purchasing and supporting our sales people.

If you call Rushwood, it is Pam who answers the phone.

She has years of experience as office manager and is able to work as an  octopus on several things at the same time.


Wil Vervoort

Wil got his degree Chemical Technology some years ago. He joined our company and is responsible for R&D within Rushwood. He is always working on different studies done in our internal laboratory, to make sure we are in constant development woth our products. This often leads to improved products and better outcomes for consumers all over the world.

Mission and Vision of Rushwood B.V

  • Mission: Rushwood’s mission is to offer high quality products to patients and caregivers worldwide than contribute to health, safety and comfort of both patient and caregiver. Both high quality of the product as well as education on specific endpoints is focus for Rushwood.
  • Vision: Through education and by producing high quality products and services Rushwood offers a sizable contribution to the safety and comfort of both patient and caregiver. By sharing knowledge and information in these areas both patient and caregiver can make well- considered choice on which medical devices can help them improve healthcare safety in an easy way.