Really helped
Male/56/No Medical Issues
I normally struggle with non-coated tablets and used Gloup on cheap paracetamol.  Swallowed perfectly, which would not occur with water.
    • Disliked bitter tasting residue from tablets when swallowing with water.
    • No residue on the tongue at all after using Gloup.
Very helpful
Female/52/No Medical Issues
For many years I have struggled with the sensation of large tablets and pills, the taste and sensation can be really off putting.  I tried Gloup at an evaluation session I was invited to and found the product to be very helpful.
    • No problem swallowing when taken with Gloup, the tablets were swallowed at first time of trying
Made life easier
I have to take a lot of tablets on a daily basis which is very time consuming and I regularly struggle with the larger tablets.  I find myself having to drink a lot of water during the multiple attempts to get some of them down.  I have tried Gloup and found it to be a real help.
    • Has a lot of tablets to swallow each morning (17).
    • With larger tablets has to drink a lot of water to be able to get them down.
    • With Gloup these tablets went down with one swallow.
    • Very beneficial for those with Parkinson’s as would normally struggle.
Great product
Male/84/Misplaced Stomach/Diaphragm Issues
For a long time taking tablets has been a real problem for me, when taking them they can often go into my airway which is very uncomfortable and often quite scary.  I tried Gloup at a Q and A session put on by a friend of the family who works with the product.  They let me try the product to see if it would help with the issues I have had.  I found it to be a real help and swallowed tablets there and then with no issues.
    • Due to misplacement of stomach, things are easily swallowed into airways.
    • Once instructed on how to use Gloup, the tablet went down the correct way with no issues.
No more stuck tablets
I have always struggled with tablets in any form, I find they get stuck on my tongue and the taste of them can be really awful.  I have tried Gloup and found that after a few goes I was able to swallow a tablet with no issue and also the taste of the gel was very pleasant, much nicer than the tablets.
    • Struggles to swallow all forms of tablets.  They tend to get stuck on the tongue.
    • Liked the taste of Gloup
    • After a couple of goes, managed to swallow the tablet with no issues.  Much easier than water.
Helpful product
Female/52/No Medical Issues
I wanted to try Gloup after hearing about it from a family friend who had been doing some work with people who have trouble taking tablets.  I found the gel had an unusual texture at first, but after using it a couple of times I found the process of swallowing a tablet became so much easier.
    • Has issues swallowing large tablets with water.
    • Could swallow these tablets much easier with Gloup.
Found the texture to be a bit unusual, but worth the trade-off of being able to swallow tte tablets easier