What are you mixing your medication with?

If you can not swallow your medication, everything is tried to get those pills or capsules down your throat. Often people open up capsules or crush tablets. As some of us may know these things can not only be quite dangerous, it can also lead to a change of stability and efficacy of your medication. Or it could lead to severe side-effects, which you would want to avoid.
Some people try to swallow medication by putting them in yoghurt or similar. Although it is not always warned against, it has got two potential drawbacks. These drawbacks are basically a reduced effectiveness because of components in the dairy products and a second is the lower dissolution of the medication in the stomach. If medication does not dissolve in the stomach as it should, the medication is not absorbed by the body. In other words, you will not have the effect that was prescribed to you.
Other people turn to fruit puree to ease the passage of oral medication. Same problem applies to these as to dairy products: they have not been developed for this purpose and may have negative effect on the dissolution of your medication and the bioflavanoids contained by fruit have a potential influence on the absorption in the body resulting in under- or even over dosage!
So is there a good solution to help you swallow medicines? Yes there is! Now, there is Slide®, created and developed in the Netherlands from experience in the nursing home environment. The first gel that is specifically designed for the intake of oral medication. Slide is a slippery gel that will masks the bad taste of your medication with a nice taste. But more important; Slide is proven to be as safe as water, and has no known interactions with your medication. So your medicines can work like prescibed, without being altered by the intake vehicle.