Because of metastasized cancer I had to start taking oral medication, which could damage the mucosa of the mouth, which can be really painful, especially when it will become inflamed. From one of my family members, I got Slide, and she told me to try and take my medicine with it.
Slide is a gel, I put the tablet on a spoon and put Slide on top. A good 'swallow' and the tablet is gone, without it touching the inside of my mouth. That felt really good.
My mucosa did get a little sensitive because of the medication, but no inflammation or damage has occurred in my mouth.
By the way; Slide to me looks ideal for patients who have difficulties with swallowing their medication too. Because of the substance of the gel, swallowing it is really easy.
I have passed the tip to use Slide for this on to other people!
Mirjam, Netherlands
"Our daughter is 13 and has never been able to take a pill of any sort. Over the years we have tried many different methods to try to get her to take even the smallest of pills. It has been very difficult to watch the attempts to overcome this problem. Enter SLIDE! We had her have a couple of dummy runs with SLIDE before we introduced the smallest of pills and low and behold it was a success. After graduating to larger pills and tablets over a period of 2 weeks she has now reached the stage where she can take the tablets with water. We owe a great deal of gratitude to the miracle product Slide which has helped “train” our daughter to take pills and tablets. We firmly recommend this product to anyone who has difficulty in swallowing tablets."
Jonathan & Anna, Australia
From an Aged care facility (a 100 bed facility) have switched from using yoghurt to Slide 500ml pump packs. Here is a summary of their feedback.
- The facility has observed an approximate 50% reduction in crushing/alteration of medications.
- Less dosage alterations should translate to safer patient experiences and potential time saving on meds rounds.
- Found the product well tolerated. Only 1 resident reported they didn't like the taste.
- Previous preferred mixing vehicle was yoghurt. Since switching to Slide, many residents have been happy to consume yoghurt at mealtimes where they previously associated it with medication intake.
- Storage and handling properties of Slide are far easier to manage. ie no refrigeration, long shelf life and no wastage.
- Easy change to initiate, no or minimal training requirements.
Marc, Senior Clinician, Aged Care Facility Australia
From a residential care facility Australia
"Our resident is a 40 year old female with Downs Syndrome. She is particularly resistant to swallowing her medications, some of which can not be crushed. It typically takes 20 minutes each medication round to coerce her to take her medications. We trialed Slide, and have found she can now swallow her medications with ease. Slide has saved this patient a lot of stress and saves our staff approximately 1 hour per day in trying to assist with intake of medications."
Facility manager, Australia
Good and efficient when treating patients with head and neck cancer and mouth dryness. Also for patients with a probe for medicine, if they are able to - safely and effectively - swallow secretions.
We have tried Slide on multiple patients wiht a good effect. All pills, big an small, Slide down without trouble.
"We run a 150 bed aged care facility. Approximately half of our residents were crushing their medications to assist with administration. Our pharmacist suggested we try Slide medication lubricant to reduce the incidence of crushing. After a few weeks, we now only have about 6 residents who still require their medications crushed."
Clinical Nurse manager - Melbourne, Australia
"We previously used yoghurt to assist our residents swallow their medications. Our Dietitian identified this as an infection control risk because the yoghurt was reaching room temperature before being refrigerated at the end of each medication round. Our Pharmacist and Dietitian suggested we try Slide medication lubricant as it can safely be stored at room temperature. In addition, the residents love it and find their medications much easier to swallow."
Facility Manager - Perth, Western Australia
Really helped
Male/56/No Medical Issues
I normally struggle with non-coated tablets and used Slide on cheap paracetamol. Swallowed perfectly, which would not occur with water.
    • Disliked bitter tasting residue from tablets when swallowing with water.
    • No residue on the tongue at all after using Slide.
Very helpful
Female/52/No Medical Issues
For many years I have struggled with the sensation of large tablets and pills, the taste and sensation can be really off putting. I tried Slide at an evaluation session I was invited to and found the product to be very helpful.
    • No problem swallowing when taken with Slide, the tablets were swallowed at first time of trying
Made life easier
I have to take a lot of tablets on a daily basis which is very time consuming and I regularly struggle with the larger tablets. I find myself having to drink a lot of water during the multiple attempts to get some of them down. I have tried Slide and found it to be a real help.
    • Has a lot of tablets to swallow each morning (17).
    • With larger tablets has to drink a lot of water to be able to get them down.
    • With Slide these tablets went down with one swallow.
    • Very beneficial for those with Parkinson’s as would normally struggle.
Great product
Male/84/Misplaced Stomach/Diaphragm Issues
For a long time taking tablets has been a real problem for me, when taking them they can often go into my airway which is very uncomfortable and often quite scary. I tried Slide at a Q and A session put on by a friend of the family who works with the product. They let me try the product to see if it would help with the issues I have had. I found it to be a real help and swallowed tablets there and then with no issues.
    • Due to misplacement of stomach, things are easily swallowed into airways.
    • Once instructed on how to use Slide, the tablet went down the correct way with no issues.
No more stuck tablets
I have always struggled with tablets in any form, I find they get stuck on my tongue and the taste of them can be really awful. I have tried Slide and found that after a few goes I was able to swallow a tablet with no issue and also the taste of the gel was very pleasant, much nicer than the tablets.
    • Struggles to swallow all forms of tablets. They tend to get stuck on the tongue.
    • Liked the taste of Slide
    • After a couple of goes, managed to swallow the tablet with no issues. Much easier than water.
Helpful product
Female/52/No Medical Issues
I wanted to try Slide after hearing about it from a family friend who had been doing some work with people who have trouble taking tablets. I found the gel had an unusual texture at first, but after using it a couple of times I found the process of swallowing a tablet became so much easier.
    • Has issues swallowing large tablets with water.
    • Could swallow these tablets much easier with Slide.
Found the texture to be a bit unusual, but worth the trade-off of being able to swallow tte tablets easier.