How does it work?

Based on below tests done at the University of Brisbane, we can state that the intake of medication with Slide is as safe as the intake with water. There are no known interactions between the medication taken and Slide, below we will explain how this works:
The two main components of Slide are Carrageenan and Maltodextrin. Together they make sure that the bolus stays together in the mouth of the patient, so it can be swallowed as one bolus, in other words; the bolus will not fall apart in the mouth. These two components also makes the bolus slippery, which leads to an easy transportation of the medication from the mouth to the stomach, which will decrease the change of the bolus staying in the esophagus for too long.
Once the bolus of Slide gets into the stomach, it will break down quite quickly, based on the fact that carrageenan looses it's strength due to the acidic stomach fluids. In other words; when the bolus gets to the stomach, Slide falls apart quickly, and the medication becomes available for the body to absorb.
Another ingredient of Slide is Citric Acid. this will help the patient (as we know most patients that have swallowing difficulties have dry mouth problems), as it will activate the saliva glands to produce saliva.