Mixing or Crushing Medication?

Tablets and capsules are sometimes rough, have a bad taste and can be big. This can be a problem, particularly if the medication has to be taken on a regular basis or if numerous medicines have to be taken at the same time. Chewing on them will give you a horrible taste in the mouth. That is why not everyone can just easily swallow their medicines with a glass of water.
So you try to do everything to take your medication. You open up capsules or you crush tablets. But, as we now know; these things can be potentially dangerous, and can potentially lead to changing stability and effectivity of your medication. Or it could lead to severe side-effects. So these are not really good solutions if you have a problem taking medication.
Some people try to swallow medicines by putting them in yoghurt or similar. But this is not always permitted and the products have not really been designed for this purpose. Certain medicines cannot be taken with dairy products, for example, because the dairy product will have an influence on the effectiveness of your medication. Others turn to fruit puree to ease the passage of medicines. But the same problem applies to these as to dairy products: they have not been developed for this purpose.
You have to realise that taking your medication woth food like yoghurt, can seriously change the effect and stability of you medication.