How does it work and how to use Gloup

Gloup works in three ways:
1. The gel is thick and smooth and ensures easy swallowing of medicines as well as a smooth passing via the oesophagus to the stomach;
2. Gloup moistens the mucus membranes in the mouth and throat cavity;
3. The fresh fruit flavour of Gloup/Gloup Original eliminates the unpleasant taste of medication
How to use Gloup:
1. Place the medicine(s) to be taken on a tablespoon.
2. Squeeze a small amount directly from the tube or the pump dispenser onto the medicines. About 5ml or half a tablespoon of Gloup will be enough.
3, Then put it all in your mouth and swallow everything at once.
Before you start using Gloup, we have some tips:
- If you take Gloup for the first time, first try on a spoon without medication. Just to get used to the taste and texture.
- According to speech therapists, the best swallowing result will be obtained with chilled Gloup.
- Start with taking 1 tablet with 5 ml of Gloup (about 1 tablespoon).  Once you are used to the feeling of it, you can try and take multiple tablets in 1 spoon. Make sure you take the time to build up the amount of tablets slowly, so you can get used to it.  
- Practice makes perfect: we know from our field trials that it can take a few times to get used to Gloup.
How does it work and how to use Gloup How does it work and how to use Gloup How does it work and how to use Gloup