Gloup is designed to help people that face difficulties taking medication

Most people find it difficult to swallow medication because of psychological reasons. From an evolution standpoint, it is common that we automatically reject hard items which come into our mouth. More than 60% of the population overcomes this reflex, some of us don't and find it hard or even impossible to swallow medication. For all those people, starting from the age of 2, Gloup is a solution for their everyday struggle.
Many people also develop a medication intake problem or dysphagia. When confronted with diseases like Parkinson, Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Sjogren and many others, the continuous use of medication slows down the saliva production. Also some specific diseases weaken the muscles and cause nerve- problems which result in a reduced ability to swallow. For most of these people, Gloup is a real solution. We advice you to consult a speach therapist first before you start using Gloup. This specialist can also advise you which Gloup to take since there are different versions available.
For people suffering from severe dysphagia, we strongly recommend to contact your speach therapist to select the suitable type of Gloup for you.