Gloup for professionals

Are you working with Patients that have difficulties swallowing their medication every day?
Are you a care professional, GP, Doctor, Nurse, Speech Therapist or Pharmacist? Than you have probably seen patients that face swallowing problems in your professional career many times. Up till now, common practice was to crush the tablets or open capsules. However, not all tablets are allowed to be crushed, and evidence shows crushing tablets can cause serious side effects. Also common is to take medication by putting them in food like yoghurt, apple puree and jam. By combining certain medication with certain foods, there will be an interaction between the medication and food, which can again cause serious consequences. What we tried to do with Gloup is come up with a new golden standard for medication intake, for those patients who can not swallow their medicine with plain water. By using Gloup, the combination of Gloup and the medication taken is always safe, because there are no known drug interactions with Gloup.